5 Steps to Solo Travel


You are a woman who is ready to travel. You are newly single, and ready to break out of the current circumstances. This is for you, the hungry to travel woman. It’s taken over three decades of experience as a travel writer to complete. Research shows you need a user-focused guide, not a destination focus for a tourist.



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Women in the USA spend $125 billion per year on travel, and represent two thirds of solo travelers. Four out of five women travelers are over 45 years of age. Solo travel is on an upswing like never before due to culture changes. Women have $15 trillion in spending power and are using it for travel. This guide has step by step plan for solo travel and stories which inspire senior travel, written by a woman for women who have a hunger to experience more quality solo travel to bring the world closer together peacefully and sustainably. This is Part A of a series.