Tell-tale signs you could have a vitamin D deficiency – and how to fix it

A tell-tale sign on your head could be an early sign of vitamin D deficiency, say health experts. The vitamin is naturally gained from sunlight, but staying indoors can lead to a deficiency and the winter months are also an issue. The majority of the population will get enough vitamin D through exposure to sunlight […]

Woman transforms her home into 60s and 70s-inspired shrine all for £2,500

A retro-obsessed woman has forked out £2,500 to transform her home in a 1960s and 70s style. Emily Brinkley, 27, an illustrator and product designer, developed a fascination for the period after she fell in love with music by The Beatles as a teenager. The creative, from Croydon, London, was particularly drawn to the bright […]

Family-of-5 miraculously survive after 75ft tree crushes caravan as they sleep

A family miraculously have survived after a 75ft-tall tree crushed the caravan they were sleeping in. David Ward, 51, and wife Samantha were pinned to their bed after the pine tree fell onto their caravan during strong winds in Dorset yesterday. The couple managed to crawl out before going to the neighbouring caravan where their […]

Salisbury train crash sparks four days of railway chaos after derailment injures 13

A major train crash in Salisbury which has left several people injured has caused travel disruption that is expected to last four days. The collision between two trains happened at Fisherton Tunnel, close to London Road in Salisbury, at around 7pm on Sunday. Thirteen casualties were treated at Salisbury District Hospital and three remain in […]

Real-life Rapunzel, 6, with waist-length hair has to have it cut every six weeks

A six-year-old girl has beautiful blonde hair stretching past her waist, thanks to her mum cutting it every six weeks without fail. Noelle Hardie-Gleed, six, gets her trims from her hairdresser mum, Laura, 35, and her long locks mean she could be easily mistaken as the fairytale character Rapunzel. Laura, from Reading, Berkshire, is sure […]