Woman transforms her home into 60s and 70s-inspired shrine all for £2,500

A retro-obsessed woman has forked out £2,500 to transform her home in a 1960s and 70s style.

Emily Brinkley, 27, an illustrator and product designer, developed a fascination for the period after she fell in love with music by The Beatles as a teenager.

The creative, from Croydon, London, was particularly drawn to the bright colours and bold prints of the era, which she decided would be the inspiration for her first flat, which she bought this year.

She began to transform her home shortly after moving in, determined to put her own stamp on the place.

Emily managed to keep costs down by sourcing most of her furniture and retro ornaments from charity shops and other second-hand outlets.

This meant that her décor is made up from original items that had actually been used by homeowners in the 1960s and 70s.

“Starting from an obsession with The Beatles at fifteen, I soon started absorbing anything and everything I could that was 1960s or 1970s related,” said Emily.

“A big influence for me especially as an illustrator is the psychedelic graphic design and fashion from the era.

“With the help of my parents, I transformed a beige blank canvas in about two months.

“I love the bold bright colours of fashion and interior design, and the one thing I love the most is groovy 60s and 70s fabric and wallpaper.”

So far, the transformation of her flat has cost her £2,500, but she still has some more to do.

“I’m planning on giving my tiny bathroom a psychedelic transformation with a groovy floral vinyl wallpaper, as well as making my hallway staircase a gallery of 60s/70s fashion illustrations alongside some of my own illustrations,” she said.

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“I’m always on the hunt for Hornsea pottery in charity shops, as well as kitschy ornaments and old records.

“I find most of my vintage furniture on Facebook Marketplace, my best purchase being an original 1970s G-Plan bookshelf for free. It was in too good a condition to take for free so I offered £20 for it.”

Emily also loves the music and fashion of the era, and has even tried making dresses from old 1960s patterns.

“I sometimes wish I grew up in the 60s/70s to have been able to see my favourite musicians perform and to go and buy clothes from Biba,” she continued.

“But I am thankful I’ve grown up now with the internet, so I could have the opportunity to look back and discover the past.”

Emily isn’t the only one who loves the retro look.

One couple spent £4,000 transforming their semi-detached house to look as though you had stepped into the 70s.

Kyrie Jagger, 33, and her partner Andy Phillips, 38, also bought a lot of their furniture and decor second hand.

Additionally, focusing on bright colours and bold shapes, Lizzie, 33, incorporated oranges, pinks and greens with retro floral patterns and little art deco prints into transforming her home into an ode to the 70s.