Family-of-5 miraculously survive after 75ft tree crushes caravan as they sleep

A family miraculously have survived after a 75ft-tall tree crushed the caravan they were sleeping in.

David Ward, 51, and wife Samantha were pinned to their bed after the pine tree fell onto their caravan during strong winds in Dorset yesterday.

The couple managed to crawl out before going to the neighbouring caravan where their three children had been sleeping.

A large branch also pierced that caravan but the three children, Max, Vincent, and Kashmir, all escaped unharmed.

David suffered a head injury and many of their personal belongings have been crushed, leaving the family without anywhere to stay.

They had been living in the two caravans as their new house is being built in Corfe Mullen, Dorset.

David said: “I am building a new house and I have been living in a static caravan with my family while it’s being built. There are a few trees near to us.

“We were sleeping and the next thing we knew, a tree fell through our roof and it came straight on top of us.

“There was blood all over my face. We climbed out of one of the walls which had been torn down.

“We went to the other caravan and the tree had buckled it so we couldn’t open the door.

“My daughter managed to boot the door open and we ran the kids up to the house. Then she said, ‘What about Ozzy’ who is our dog.

“We ran back down to the caravan and luckily he was under the bed so we were able to drag him out.”

“The first thing we did was to make sure the children were safe and then we got the children out of the caravan and into our house. I really can’t believe we all survived.”

David, who is a builder, added: “I am really sore and bruised all down the left side of my body.

“We haven’t been able to sleep since – it just keeps running through our minds. I just don’t know how we survived.

“We’ve been living in the caravans for three years while we build our house. We’ve been doing all the work ourselves.

“We were hoping to move in during the New Year – I really have no idea what we are going to do until then.”

It come as Dorset saw wind speeds of 87mph, and 60mph in locations across Hampshire, Wiltshire and Sussex.

There has been widespread disruption to travel due to weather the past weekend, and one man died when his car spun off the road at around 1am Sunday.