Real-life Rapunzel, 6, with waist-length hair has to have it cut every six weeks

A six-year-old girl has beautiful blonde hair stretching past her waist, thanks to her mum cutting it every six weeks without fail.

Noelle Hardie-Gleed, six, gets her trims from her hairdresser mum, Laura, 35, and her long locks mean she could be easily mistaken as the fairytale character Rapunzel.

Laura, from Reading, Berkshire, is sure that the frequent shortcuts are why her daughter’s hair is so gorgeous.

Laura said: “She has a trim eight times per year to keep it healthy.

“I’ve done that her whole life.

“It will only be a couple of millimetres but it is necessary to ensure her hair remains thick and healthy.”

Noelle and Laura keep her hair in a plait most of the time to avoid tangles and stop the hair from breaking.

Laura said: “When she was born she had very fine hair, almost silver.

“We thought she might be albino when she was a newborn, that’s how light her hair was.

“Most blonde people have very thin hair, so hers is quite unusual.

“I have never seen a blonde child with hair like hers in all my years as a hairdresser.

“We don’t use any special products in her hair or anything.”

Laura wants other parents that know how helpful frequent and small haircuts can be.

She said: “I think people really underestimate how important super frequent haircuts can be, and the impact they can have.

“I am always telling customers to cut their children’s hair.

“It’s so frustrating when I go to pick Noelle up at school, and I see these young girls with like rats tails in their hair.

“Their parents always say ‘I haven’t cut it in ages because she wants it long’.

“And I’m stood there, trying to convince them that cutting their hair will help it grow and make it thicker.”

Neither Noelle nor Laura have a goal for her hair length but have discussed what they will do with the hair when they eventually cut it.

Laura said: “When we do cut it we’ll donate it to the Princess Trust.

“Noelle and I would want her hair to help out another little child that’s poorly.

“When Noelle decides she wants to cut it, that’s what we’ll do.”